We believe in a fair and transparent pricing policy. The cost of our services depends upon three factors; The location of the venue, the size of the party and the duration of the disco.

Location of the Venue

The nearer the venue is to our base in Barnsley the lower the cost of our services. The further away from Barnsley the venue is located the more the more time and expense is incurred in travelling to and from the venue. For events more than 5 miles from S71 3HR we apply a surcharge of £5 per additional 5 miles.

SIze of the party

The greater the number of guests and larger the venue size the more powerful the sound system and lighting set up will need to be. We have sound systems and lighting units suitable for events of all sizes from small children’s parties through to large marquee weddings. Parties up to 80 guests are included in our standard prices. Parties up to 150 guests are subject to a £30 surcharge and parties with guests up to 300 are subject to a £50 surcharge.

Duration of the disco

It stands to reason that the longer you require the music to be played for, the more the disco will cost. Evening discos are charged higher than daytime discos and there is a surcharge for any hours beyond midnight.


2 Hour day time children’s parties from £90

4 hour evening birthday parties from £160

4 hour evening wedding service from £180

All-day wedding service from £350